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Me and My Angel

It feels strange at first, stirring me up.
Hidden attraction is bursting out.
We smile at each other, the fire is lighting up.
A sincere moment is diving into a long make-out.
You hug me closely, I feel your scent.
I am your Evening-Star in this moment.
We are cuddling tightly, inhibitions thrown-off,
Fervidly hugging, tenderly making love.
Waving on the sea of senses together,
We’re chased by the wildest passion felt ever!
Then falling side-by-side, exhausted and satisfied,
With an honest smile and the eyes shining truly bright.
Whispering you love me, you’re playing with my hair.
Of all my breaths, you are taking care.
Into our dreams, at the break of dawn, we dive.
Me and my Angel, together in love, we lie.

Budapest, 2016. december 28., 2018. július 2.

Photo from Pixabay

How I ended up in Portugal?

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Since I was studying Spanish at the university, I wanted to visit Spain, so that I can try my knowledge and get to know the country. I was curious because my teachers were telling stories so enthusiastic about it and its people. The warmer climate sounded good and the Camino seemed a great challenge for the future. However, I ended up first in Portugal instead…

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Dancing around the World – Wild Thoughts in Lisbon

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Lisbon, March 2018 – Meanwhile I was browsing the map wondering which is the place where they have the kizomba party that I wanted to go to, I just saw a writing on Google Maps: West Coast Swing Lisbon. – Really, is there WCS in Lisbon? Let’s check this out! Oh, and maybe I could start with my dancing video project: Dancing around the World! Woohoo!! 🙂 – This is where the story began…

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Road, Detours, Replanning – Thoughts Behind My Logo

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When I was on the road, I was only focusing on the things that matter at that point. The priorities were clear: Where do I sleep tonight? If I already solved that, where do I sleep tomorrow? And where could I sleep maybe at a cheaper price? Setting up priorities and keeping the focus is much harder than that when you are surrounded by many interruptions in an overwhelmed and noisy urban environment along with a similar online one.

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A feeling, a sentence, a poem about the lovers which was born in a minute in Hungarian in 2016. Later, I translated it into English.


Wishing the closeness,
Opening their arms,
Then weaving together,
Welded into one,
Skin touching skin
With caress and whispering,
Smoothly slicking
One soul to the other,
Where the arches of their hearts
Can find all their peace and wants.

Budapest, 1 March 2018

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

Hot Chocolate Soup – It Works While Flowing?

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Black Forest Soup – It was standing on the menu in a cookshop some years ago. – It might be like a Black Forest Cake, just fluid? Brilliant idea! Some sour cherries, chocolate, and cream… Mmmm… I need to try it! – So, I did so. – I want more of this, just love it! – I liked its taste so much that I immediately put it on my list to prepare it at home as well. Sometimes. In the future. The item spent a long time on my list waiting for some action. Until some weeks ago, when something unexpected happened…

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