Hot Chocolate Soup – It Works While Flowing?

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Black Forest Soup – It was standing on the menu in a cookshop some years ago. – It might be like a Black Forest Cake, just fluid? Brilliant idea! Some sour cherries, chocolate, and cream… Mmmm… I need to try it! – So, I did so. – I want more of this, just love it! – I liked its taste so much that I immediately put it on my list to prepare it at home as well. Sometimes. In the future. The item spent a long time on my list waiting for some action. Until some weeks ago, when something unexpected happened…

I was at home – no, this is not the unexpected part. – I was spending the night with working on my projects, and I really wanted to drink a hot chocolate cacao. A real dark one! 🙂 These days, it happens many times. It warms my body and spirit both. I like it a lot. – Of course I like it, it’s winter! – For me cacao – along with Floating Islands – means a loving care. Since we prepare it for the loved ones… With one of my former dears we used to drink it every night while talking about our days and feelings. But why not to prepare it for yourself when you are alone? You can also talk to yourself while enjoying it. 🙂

Since a while, I drink milk rarely, so I also left drinking cacao. This was the sadest part of it. However, these days, plant milks (soy, rice, almond, coconut, and so on) made me able to drink cacao again. And I even prefer the new taste. I am a great fan again since last Autumn, when I attended a cacao ceremony organized by Orsi and Julcsi Gyulai. Then I learned, that people all around the world celebrate cacao as the food of the gods and they believe that the Spirit of the Cacao has the power to open up the secrets of the soul, open up our hearts and fill it with Love, Justice, and Wisdom. Meanwhile, drinking, playing music, singing together and the loving atmosphere during the ceremony makes the participants feel good, it also creates a connection between them.

I started the usual process. For the cooking, I grabbed my loved metal mug with red dots and put a little plant milk in it so that I can boil it easily. This was the point when I realized, that I don’t have enough rice milk at home for making the usual amount. – Anyways, I will drink a cacao! – When the milk was boiling, I added the powder cacao and cooked it. – What else can I use instead of milk? … Oh, I just bought a sour cherry compote this morning. The juice of it will be perfect! My Mom makes some cakes with it so it should be OK. – I took it from the fridge, added some of it. – But, hey! – Some sour cherries fell too. – I can keep them there, it is still possible to eat it with a spoon. I will love it… – When it was warm enough, I put it in a ceramic mug and added some more cherries into it. – Anyways, It was already a soup… Maybe I could add some cream in it, that is similar to milk… – I did so. – It will taste good…

When I ate the first spoon of it, I started to smile, because I just have cooked my very first Black Forest soup. It was perfect, though I did not strive for it. I did not plan, I did not force, I did not know what I am doing, I just went with the flow and in the end, one of my smaller dreams came true. 🙂 I asked and sooner or later I got it. 🙂

Maybe this works in bigger scale as well? Have you ever had any similar moments like this?

Photo by Rachael Gorjestani on Unsplash

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