Dancing by Lake Balaton – an unexpected encounter

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June, 2018, Everness Festival – I just arrive to the handpan workshop, where we had the chance to try the instrument which is shaped like a UFO. This was the moment when I saw Milán, who was also attending the workshop. Some hours later we were already dancing kizomba on the shore of Lake Balaton.

When I arrived to the workshop, our look was meeting. We were greeting each other without a making any sound. We listened to the teacher playing the instruments. He also told some things about them. We could learn that each piece has its own musical key, so it is important to know to play in harmony with another player or different instuments. After the stories everybody could try a handpan themselves. Everytime I hear it I need to state that it has a wonderful warm sound! I love it! In this Facebook post you can find a video about me playing it the first time.

When we both had no instruments to play, we discussed with Milán that we’ll make a kizomba video together at the festival. After a few hours we did it. His dog named Lucky wanted to take his role too. He was running around when we were dancing. 🙂 Although we did not hear much from the music coming from his pocket we still enjoyed it. And that’s the point! 🙂 Thanks for the dance, Milán!

Song: Nsoki feat. Nanutu – Meu anjo

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