Italian Pasta meets Hungarian Pasta

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Before new year’s eve 2018, I was prepared to host a couchsurfer girl from Bosnia, but in the end she cancelled and chose a hostel. So I accepted a last minute couch request from a guy from Italy, who was searching for a place to stay that night. When he was writing to me, he was already on his way from Milan with blablacar…

I got to know him as a lovely, great-hearted, funny guy. We were talking and laughing a lot. The next day we tried to spend the new year’s eve with the Bosnian girl and some other people from all around the world – but this was not the best idea, because after we left their hostel we kept losing each other. After a running-around NYE, in the morning, my back was aching a lot, I was almost crying from the pain. I was lucky that my Italian friend saved my life with some Shiatsu massage.

During the days when he was at my place, we cooked more times and even baked a cake together. He already bught some food, mainly Italian ingerdients. And what else we could choose to cook than pasta? 🙂 I offered to prepare the Hungarian pasta with the fruits of the cow. It is called túrós csusza [tooroash choo-sa]. But he stayed with his usual style: pasta with olive oil, parmesan, and olives. Good choice, but I felt like creating something new, so I took the two ideas and put them together. 🙂 To the ingredients I mentioned already, I added also túró (similar to cottage cheese, traditional in Hungary), tejföl (sour cream) and roasted bacon as well. I need to tell this was a good decision. It was very tasty, so I recommend it to you as well to try. 😉

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