Me and My Angel

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Me and My Angel

It feels strange at first, stirring me up.
Hidden attraction is bursting out.
We smile at each other, the fire is lighting up.
A sincere moment is diving into a long make-out.
You hug me closely, I feel your scent.
I am your Evening-Star in this moment.
We are cuddling tightly, inhibitions thrown-off,
Fervidly hugging, tenderly making love.
Waving on the sea of senses together,
We’re chased by the wildest passion felt ever!
Then falling side-by-side, exhausted and satisfied,
With an honest smile and the eyes shining truly bright.
Whispering you love me, you’re playing with my hair.
Of all my breaths, you are taking care.
Into our dreams, at the break of dawn, we dive.
Me and my Angel, together in love, we lie.

Budapest, 2016. december 28., 2018. július 2.

Photo from Pixabay

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