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When I was on the road, I was only focusing on the things that matter at that point. The priorities were clear: Where do I sleep tonight? If I already solved that, where do I sleep tomorrow? And where could I sleep maybe at a cheaper price? Setting up priorities and keeping the focus is much harder than that when you are surrounded by many interruptions in an overwhelmed and noisy urban environment along with a similar online one.

In many cases, for a problem, I try to find the optimal solution that can be the best in the long run. This takes time, so in many cases, I don’t even start. However, I know it would be better to be in motion because while moving the context is constantly changing, newer and newer opportunities are raising. Some doors are closing and some are opening. And all of this motivates one to make quicker – and maybe more accurate – decisions. I am writing accuracy because I believe if there is no bad intention – and why would we have any bad intention for ourselves* – then wrong decision is a myth. We always try to get the best from the current situation. Later, if we think that it would have been better to decide in a different way, that is only because of the things we have learned afterwards.

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However, if we don’t like the path we took we can replan because changes can be made in almost every cases. During my last trip, I had bad feelings about one of my hosts and my impressions did not make it better when I met her. I had tension in my guts. I was feeling that this girl caused me more problems than she helped and I was not able to be friendly to her anymore. So I spared both of us an unpleasant experience. Apologizingly, I told to her that I am not joining her and I went back to the airport to spend the night there as it was cold and rainy outside. I can tell you that I did not have my sweetest dreams there because the next day I was feeling tired like a zombie. However, after telling her that I would go on my own, the tension was eased soon after dropping some tears. I felt relieved and I knew that I made a good decision. Since then I really appreciate a good sleep. 🙂 In addition, some other “homeless people” at the airport – actually a Spanish and a Colombian girl – made me realize that I can have a nice conversation in Spanish if I dare to try. Moreover, in the morning, I tried to speak with two Brazilians in Portuguese, although I have never learned it. 😀 None of the experiences are a waste of time or any other resources if we learned something from them. In addition, maybe they are opening new doors in front of us. Each and every detour is an opportunity to develop. You cannot get back to the exact same place or state you were in because you have already grown with taking the detour. The thoughts behind my logo are the same. Interestingly, this turned out spontaneously for me too only on the night when I was designing it. A 1000 steps on a road full of curves and loops, but still heading in one direction.

*As I was rethinking, I found one exception that I know. This is when somebody has good intentions but has some unconscious beliefs that sabotage themselves by making wrong decisions. Hmm… and we get to the point of consciousness again. It seems that for operating well as a human being, it is important to get to know one’s unconscious operation step by step. To pull it part by part from the unconscious to the conscious level, from the dark to the sunlight. So that you can take a detailed look, understand the reasons and resolve them. It’s a research deep down in ourselves looking for a thousand reasons, asking a thousand whys, thinking, feeling, and sensing a thousand times, or asking the morphogenetic field to help, for example during a family constellation, which I will tell you about later. 😉

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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